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    It’s sad that so many cannot have that experience on TypeDrawers.

    I think you should have posted it here.
    Probably you wouldn't have the same experience as of asking the question in person to someone you trust. 
    Typedrawers is an open environment, it is like throwing your question/work out to the space, people sits here behind screens and keyboards. You don't know who they are they don't know you (probably the majority) it must be involved with a risk. More than that, you don't know if your question is "smart" or "stupid", you (someone else) don't know if your work is "good" or "bad" and how will people react to it?
    In an open environment you can't put a gate and make sure all the people that get in are nice, sensitive and "know how to behave".

    I feel that fear every time I'm about to post here, and frankly, at any open environment, I may say something stupid, my English certainly annoy many, my work and things I care most about surely invoke resistance, criticism and all kinds of hostile reactions, not to mention my origin. But not just. There are also friendly people here and anything in between.

    So, the risk is there, and it is higher depending on my work/question and my ignorance(!). Now what is my defense? (And no, I don't think that anytime you want to post here or anywhere something you have to prepare yourself like going to a battle, i'm just trying to clear my point and it may be very subtle as well).

    My defense is doing my part. I check if someone already asked my question. I verify that my question is real and I really need an answer, if it is something I find important and helpful (in things I want to share, a thing or opinion). This is my "defense". This is the ground I'm standing at, and when it is, there are not many unexpected reactions that can knock me down, and i'm ready to get it out, focused on my interest.

    In professional type design related issues I will probably receive a very good professional advice/answer here on Typedrawers. In some cases it will not be "wrapped" as I wish it would, but I will be very careful, sometimes things seems hostile and they aren't, and in these cases the challenge is the biggest. We have so many differences that misinterpretation is very easy. Go figure the humor, ways of expression and personal background of everyone out there.
    My "trick" is to strip out the "package" and examine the content, surprisingly in many cases this reveals more valuable content from criticism and "not nice" remarks than others.

    But most of all it is important not to step back, we should communicate and contribute. You can't demand or expect the whole world to always be gentle and serve you everything in the manner you find proper, but you can do it yourself. And in a way, this is even your responsibility. And you can both profit of it and benefit others.

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    @Stephen Coles, it's responses I have seen throughout the site and on this thread (especially in the last few weeks) that make myself and others not want to participate and seek alternative spaces to interact with people in this industry.

    Yes, I recently created a thread and really enjoyed reading the responses, but still...
  • We have only begun the long journey of showing minorities on TV as just ordinary folk and not an outcome of pervasive stereotypes.  When we see shows and movies where we don't hear viewers talk about "the Black guy" or "the Hispanic Women" and just identify characters as just people not so different from ourselves, we have many steps to go.  We have to try to put away the need to affix blame on whomsoever and just follow a path of doing our best as individuals to succeed in our own lives. We truly can only change our own actions and lead by example. In our tiny typography world. we can just walk right in and set up shop without assuming there is a conspiracy. Life is hard for all of us, but we tend to only truly see our own struggle.  We can join together and make the struggle easier but we each have to give up the comfort of laying blame on some group which we are not a part of. The greatest progress comes when we can look in the mirror with no one else looking and tell ourselves the hard truth--"What could I have done to make this better before and in the future?"
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    But my greatest wish for Type Drawers is more stories. Can we have a “lore” section, please? I wish Cherie Cone would come over and tell some of her Mike Parker stories, e.g. how she and Mike speeded down a staircase in a car on the way to the airport in Basel (?) after an ATypI conference. Or Cynthia Batty tell more about the early days of digital type like she did on the ATypI mailing list a few years ago. Or David Berlow. Or David Lemon. And Roger Black. I want to hear everything about manual paste-up times from Mark Simonson, heck I would send him a weekly cake if we could get him to write a regular column!
    I think there's a great potential here, maybe it can be done in the form of weekly interviews? We can open a new category of discussions to place those interviews, an interview can be made along a week or two (to give time to answer the questions and tell the stories). Looks like Indra and probably others can ask the right questions to the right persons.
  • @IndraKupferschmid Thanks!
    I think it can be done here as well in a more casual and immediate form.
  • Kudos to Tiffany, the original Alphabetty :-)
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