JAF Test Text Generator

It seems that Just Another Foundry's incredibly useful text generator is not there anymore. Does anyone know of a similar tool? I'd use adhesiontext but I like JAF's generator for the accented character support and punctuation.
Cheers in advance!


  • DrawcardDrawcard Posts: 12
    I'm a big fan of Word-o-mat: http://glyphsextensions.com/word-o-mat/

    It will let you generate dummy text for a number of languages or you can import your own word list if you need something more custom. Plenty of config options as well.
  • TimAhrensTimAhrens Posts: 28
    edited June 10
    I “upgraded” my account at the hosting company a couple of weeks ago and then found out that the new server does not support Python any more. Sorry about this. I have just enquired whether there is a way to get the Python scripts to work again but I am not very optimistic.
    The text generator has been open source for quite a while:
    If anyone wants to host it, feel free to do so!
    Also, I will port the code to C++ in the next few months for another big project I am working on, and I could make a free Glyphs plug-in as a side-product if that helps.
  • Paul HanslowPaul Hanslow Posts: 77
    Thanks for commenting on this Tim. I was an avid user of JAF's text generator as it was mighty helpful when designing/proofing type work. 
  • Simon CozensSimon Cozens Posts: 511
    Possibly might make more sense to turn it into Javascript so it can work on any hosting environment...

    Here are a couple of similar projects I've been involved with:

  • TimAhrensTimAhrens Posts: 28
    Simon, that makes perfect sense. Javascript is probably the way to go for a browser version.
  • TimAhrensTimAhrens Posts: 28
    Small update: It seems I will be able to get the current Python version to work again on my server if I use a small PHP wrapper and move to Python 3. Right now, I am too busy but it should be doable by the end of the month.
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