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  • Re: Instagram adds TYPE mode to Stories

    Unless the lowercase is identical, I don't see it. The forms in Neon's capitals are standard early to mid twentieth-century script caps. If you look through Encyclopedia of Typefaces or other metal type catalogs you can find loads of fonts with similar capitals. Neon's capitals have more in common with the capitals in those typefaces that yours.
  • Re: I Announced my First Variable Font Today

    Fun, and nice work!

    Yet.... Not only is the name already taken for over 80 years, but it is a registered trademark. You really need to change it!
  • Re: How would you call the italic equivalent of serifs?

    entry and exit strokes

  • Re: Usefulness of Emoji in a fun example

    I don't understand emoji hostility in type design. A new globally understood ideogrammatical alphabet is developing right before our eyes. It's not made of monochromatic strokes like the rest of the Unicode table, but it's a writing system.

    Emoji helps me understand the context of a text message in Japanese. If a message comes in and there's a sad face and an umbrella at the end, I can parse the language in the message a lot more quickly. Since I know what's coming up, I can pull out the details I want and there's less chance I'll misunderstand an idiom or some unfamiliar kanji compound.
  • Re: Favourite Figures?

    I remain quite delighted with the ranging numerals I made for Gabriola.
  • Re: What the s... – looking for something to hold onto while drawing a stencil 's'.

    I am aware that the L and F are not full of character. But since the main use of the logo will be pretty small, on the bottle label, they are kept as simple as possible.
    The problem is not that the capitals are boring, but that they don't look large/strong enough to parse as capitals. I suspect they should be wider (the F in particular), possibly taller, and their strokes should be heavier than those of the lowercase. The fact that the word is CamelCase certainly doesn't help with parsing.
  • Re: Considerations for Digital/Web Type

    Personal opinion only, not the word of Google.

    No, designing to a pixel grid is no longer required, because most of screen reading is on phones which have very high resolutions that are better than print.

    Since there are still a good chunk of users with Windows, its still important to apply auto hinting for their reading comfort, but most users don't benefit much from hints. Of course if you are trying to retail a font family for top dollar then you will go the extra mile and do hand hinting, but the value of this for users is going to continue to decline.  

    I think we are already at the point where there is zero distinction between typefaces intended for print and digital; that future is here, it just isn't evenly distributed. Amstelvar is currently my best example of this. 

  • Re: Outsource hinting help

  • Re: Typeface Dissertation survey

    Wouldn't a "modern day Jimmy Savile" have to come after Jimmy Savile? Maybe an old timey Jimmy Savile. Or perhaps, like a Jimmy Savile of old. I think I've put twice as much thought into this as bailey97 put into the survey.
  • Re: Typeface Dissertation survey

    I agree that it's pretty meagre stuff, and doesn't seem very well thought out in terms of what responses might reveal, if anything. I don't think that means it is spam, or someone making fun. I declined to fill in the questionnaire because I could think of too many different ways to qualify responses, none of which the questionnaire provided a way to express. It's a very blunt instrument.

    As for the question relating specifically to Gill's sexual activities, we know the record of these stated in his diaries and reported in his biography, and if the purpose of the questionnaire is to gather data about how knowledge of those activities influence people's attitude to using Gill's typefaces, the question would be better if it simply stated that record, rather than colouring it with the unattributed opinion 'Eric Gill is likened to a modern-day Jimmy Savile [sic].' If the point of the questionnaire is to interrogate what people think about Gill's actions, don't tell them what to think.