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  • Re: Does anybody use combining accents?

    On MacOs, the HFS+ filesystem decomposes accented characters, so if you copy-paste a file or folder name that contains an accented letter you’ll end up with combining marks.
    Some Vietnamese keyboard layouts use combining marks. Some typos appear on the web, where combining marks end up on the previous or following letter.
    If you read Russian or other languages using the Cyrillic alphabet, severals Wikipedia editions use accents to indicate stress on the first line of articles (like some dictionaries do), in most cases these are using combining marks. A whole bunch of Latin languages use combining marks, for example Yoruba, since some accent letters can only be represented with combining marks, as Thomas mentioned.

    However, most font shapers normalize to precomposed single accented letters if they exists as characters.

    I use a keyboard layout with combining marks. I sometimes face issues where applications don’t normalize character sequences and treat them differently whether they are composed or decomposed. For example, in Firefox searching for é (decomposed with combining mark) will not match é (composed single character). gives different results for "Trái" (decomposed) and "Trái" (composed). If they was Unicode compliant, one should be treated as equivalent the other.

    As a user of combining marks, because a language I use requires them, I wouldn’t say users are catching on, I’d say fonts are slowly catching on to what the users need.
  • Re: Traction: A text font with grip and bite (in development)

    Good news! The text cuts of Traction have been finished in collaboration with Schriftlabor and are available from their website:

    A fully-functional trial version of the fonts is available for download.

    Thanks for all the helpful feedback and input over the years!  :grimace:

    The Upright Cursive and the display cuts (Attraction, Subtraction) will follow soon-ish.
  • Re: When did the "Serif vs. Sans" derby started?

    Back when screens were much lower resolution, and LCD-specific strategies didn't exist yet (because they were dependent on LCDs which were not yet predominant), this idea was pretty obviously true. Screen fonts were specific pixel-based things and very different from print fonts. There just weren't enough pixels (and available sub-pixels) to do serif faces properly.

    Early screen-font legibility research easily confirmed this.

    Resolutions have improved immensely, and so have font rendering techniques. So the idea that sans serif is better for screen, while clearly true 30 years ago, began to change. Unfortunately, the current truth is not nearly as well known as the former truth. Nowadays I doubt anyone seriously familiar with the topic would make any blanket statement of sans serif superiority for screen use. But memes are hard to kill.
  • Re: Does anybody use combining accents?

    They're important because it's the only way to type Spin̈al Tap properly.
  • Margo Chase

    Margo Chase died in a plane crash July 22nd.
    She was one of the pioneers of digital type design, designing many imaginative fonts.
    She moved on with Chase Design Group, doing mainstream branding, very type-savvy.
    I worked on a project for her last year and just finished another, in which she designed and drew a smart script typeface and art directed versions of which I roughed up and randomized.
    She was a pleasure to work for. Much respect.
  • Going to Typecon? Take my workshop on licensing!

    I will be teaching my workshop on the first day of Typecon again but don't be fooled by the name and description... it will be different from last year. I hope to see you there!
  • Re: A better "version" of an existing typeface

    Paul Miller wrote:
    Oops I should have said 'Consort' not 'Coronet'.

    That's disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing how you would execute the clarendon/coronet (Ludlow's, not S-B's) hybrid! You could call it Clarinet.

    However, this has provided me with some inspiration for my next project, which I will call La Futilité. It will attempt to combine Renner's Futura with Robert Granjon's Lettre françoise d’art de main. I have already successfully created a space character.

  • Re: How much % is fair to pay to reseller companies?

    “Need” is too strong a word. The alternatives to relying on MyFonts are not easy, but they are proven. Many foundries have succeeded without Monotype distribution.
  • Re: Which of these books should I prioritize getting?

    Creative Lettering Today by Michael Harvey is not so frequently mentioned but it's also a good type design manual.
  • Re: Which of these books should I prioritize getting?

    Not often I agree with Hrant, but yes, of the ones you list I would say Letters of Credit first.