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  • Re: Apostrophe word list

    But yes, this is probably a case where making it work for all letters and numbers is easier than trying to assemble an exhaustive list of potential strings.
    Especially since there are typographic traditions that actually use the quoteright (and quotedblright) as opening quotation marks — including some Scandinavian languages, I believe.

    That said, it never hurts to have some common real-word contexts for evaluating. Abstract strings sometimes give different impressions from real words.
  • Re: [OTVar] Introducing OpenType variable fonts

    I think it would be better if a new thread was started about this topic. As was stated at the start of this thread:

    General questions or feedback on the technology can be provided in this thread. For discussion about specific aspect of the technology, or for individual queries, we recommend starting a new thread with an appropriate subject line, e.g. ‘[OTVar] CFF 2’.

    The initial queries about whether or not restricted variable fonts were possible were on topic and have been answered, but this continuing debate about them is not.
  • Re: Apostrophe word list

    1) List by "latn" script;
    2) Download language's .zip file;
    3) Search through the file "word.txt".

    For example, English (Great Britain) has 941 instances with the apostrophe.
  • Re: Hall of Shame

    I have always appreciated what John Downer wrote on the topic of revivals.
  • Re: Hall of Shame

    Radim Peško copying Eric Gills font Facia
    Small correction: Gill Facia is a typeface designed by Colin Banks in 1996. It’s based on a lettering model designed by Eric Gill for WH Smith around 1905, which was never really a font, but a set of drawn templates for sign painters. 

    Peško’s font is another interpretation of that lettering, which is fine. I just don’t see why he wouldn't mention Gill by name as a source.
  • Re: Hall of Shame

    Also this seems to be a recurring argument brought up since Typophile days…
    Let’s call it a revival.
  • Re: Type Network

    I'm super happy to be able to announce that I'm now part of TN :)
  • Re: [OTVar] Introducing OpenType variable fonts

    Would you be in favor of limited scalable fonts as well? Why should users be able to set any imaginable size with a single font? In the old days, they had to buy discreet sizes. Another business model ruined by technology. No wonder it's so hard to make money in the type business.
  • Re: Hall of Shame

    Does this thread not conflict with paragraph 4 of the TypeDrawers Rules?  "Personal attacks are unacceptable...."
  • Link to my atypI lecture on font licensing

    Hi!  everyone here has been so encouraging about me sharing my nerdy talk about business side stuff.  So, continuing to impose on your attention spans: