[OTVar] Axis-Praxis, a new tool for testing variable fonts in the browser

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I’m happy to introduce Axis-Praxis, my new tool for playing with variable fonts in the browser. It’s a simple typesetting environment where you choose fonts, move sliders, and press buttons for Named Instances to obtain precise settings on the variations axes built into the fonts. You can also click the axis buttons for an animation along the entire axis. When you begin you will find, pre-installed in the font menu, the four variable fonts built into macOS Sierra. At any point you can play with your own fonts by just dragging & dropping the TTF file onto the page.

Try Axis-Praxis here:


Watch the video for a 5-minute introduction:




  • The video is a great demo both of variable fonts and of what you've created.

    One thing I'd ask is that we be communicating that the existing tools for variable fonts and the existing variable fonts are works in progress and don't yet fully implement the spec.
  • PabloImpallariPabloImpallari Posts: 773
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    Great Tool! Congrats! & Cool fonts :smile:
    I have to start thinking how to integrate VF into the testing page too...
  • The first link takes me to facebook.
  • The first link takes me to facebook.

    Indeed, the correct link should be http://www.axis-praxis.org/.
  • Sorry for the messed-up link. If an admin could fix that I would be grateful.
  • Lauren, a suggestion: When moving the axis sliders, it will be nice to show the numerical value somewhere. So when you stop moving, you can see the selected value.
  • Thanks Pablo, it’s on the list for some updates coming soon :)
  • I don’t know how it is even possible, but I have not yet been able to access http://www.axis-praxis.org/ from at home (Vodafone). The server just times out every time. From the office, I can open the site just fine.
  • Are you using the same computer and browser version at home, Jens?
  • (I have always been able to access it from a variety of connections)
  • I’ve just posted some updates, which I hope you like:

    * Uploads are now to browser memory, not the server. This is much faster. You may also appreciate the fact that fonts you play with on Axis-Praxis do not leave your computer.
    * Multiple fonts can be dropped at the same time.
    * Drop targets are now the individual textboxes and font controls: change a textbox simply by dragging a font from your desktop.
    * Removed dependency on DropZone.
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