Assistance in deleting duplicate posts after 4 hours

SilasSilas Posts: 18
Is it possible for me to delete an accidental, duplicate post I've made or can a moderator assist? Hoping to clean up the thread here towards the bottom:


  • Paul HanslowPaul Hanslow Posts: 141
    Hey @Silas. As a mod I've edited the post rather than delete it. Hope this is sufficient for you. :smiley:
  • SilasSilas Posts: 18
    edited May 2021
    Cheers @Paul Hanslow - yes that's perfect and it's what I originally intended.

  • SilasSilas Posts: 18
    @Paul Hanslow, so that other interested parties can properly evaluate the work, can I be permitted to upload a PDF? When attempting this earlier, a message was received that this allowed for my account. When is it allowed? 
  • Paul HanslowPaul Hanslow Posts: 141
    There may be a post limit until a user can upload a PDF. I've never uploaded a PDF so I cannot confirm why you had issues. I'll add @James Hultquist-Todd, the TypeDrawers admin, to the discussion to get his thoughts on why this may have occurred. As a moderator I'm unable to access or alter this information. 
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