Cedilla design options - Verdana style



  • Yes, letters in different scripts being historical cognates is mostly relevant to historians. And Modernists... People who enjoy putting things in boxes, and as few boxes as possible. Delusions of control.

    Although congruence is generally comforting to our consciousness, when it comes to actual reading, information comes only from contrast. And there is far more room for culturally respectful and forward-looking variance than the type design mainstream likes to admit.

    BTW the "Y" in that diagram is arguably an over-zealous assignment, since the conventional Cyrillic structure deviates from the Greek and Latin; in fact the use of the Cyrillic structure there is telling. But also, maybe the best Greek structure has bowed diagonals? (You see what I'm getting at WRT boxes...)

    And lest this seems to be veering off-topic: normalization of diacritics is no different.
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    I almost always go for the crescent cedilla and balance it with the ogonek, which shares the same curve and descent.

    I have seen it written out in a French bande dessinée like a simple stroke, but only there.


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