Typeface Error in The Boys in the Boat

At the beginning of the recent movie "The Boys in the Boat", the protagonist Joe Rantz is shown stuffing part of a newspaper into his shoe.
The newspaper page has "Missing Girl Found" as the headline of one article, and another one has a headline in... Times Roman Italic. It looks like a newspaper from 1970, not a newspaper from 1936 or thereabouts.
Such carelessness is a pity, as the movie largely corresponds to the actual events which it deals with, and indeed the building where the boats were made and stored was meticulously recreated at great expense.


  • Maybe they used all of the budget for historical accuracy on the boats...?
  • Of all the possible ahistorical type errors, it feels like newspapers jump out most often. Fonts but also layout are so often poorly executed in newspaper props. It must be because the storyline dictates the headline’s words, so the prop is being mocked up every time rather than relying on the vetted historical props in storage. 
  • There's a Type Drawers post about newspapers in cinema here. (Scroll Down) https://typedrawers.com/discussion/4841/print-shop-to-the-stars-adam-savage-again#latest
  • Well, historical accuracy is not usually desirable. The important thing is that the client or viewer can perceive the props as authentically historical and still understand the content.

    In computer games set in fantasy and medieval times, there are always signs with village names everywhere. Actually, that didn't exist in the Middle Ages because people couldn't read. The fonts used are of course not historically correct either.

    When it comes to "entertainment," don't take everything so seriously.

  • I am knowledgeable about railroads. Hollywood gets it wrong about them EVERY TIME!
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