Monotype Foundry Support Irresponsibility

In recent times, questions to the support staff remain unanswered, usually after updates to Myfonts or Monotype. Or it becomes difficult to find a solution to a problem you are experiencing. They don't write back. Last time I wrote to Mary from Monotype. After that, the answer was written and they disappeared again. What do you do when faced with such situations? Do you have a recommendation? The font, which has been approved for a week, does not appear on the site. I don't know what to do.


  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,355
    Based on both my experience and feedback from a colleague, I've noticed that increasing the frequency of your requests can lead to quicker response times. However, it's crucial to maintain a courteous and professional tone in each communication. 

    The observed improvement in response times might be attributed to possible automated delegation systems that some organizations use for managing inbound requests. Given that a single staff member might be unable to address every query immediately, increasing your visibility may help your request land with someone who can prioritize it accordingly.
  • @Ray Larabie  I'm a patient person. That is, I wait until the time they say, even overtime. But there is no answer and I write again, I wait and again. I don't like this situation either and I have to write it if I have to. I repeat, there were no such cases two or three years ago. They responded quickly. I don't know if they reduced the staff or for some other reason. By the way, it seems that they saw that I wrote here and wrote a reply.
  • One thing I noticed is Monotype's email account has an aggressive spam filter. If your emails get no reply, try emailing from an alternative email account.
  • I have had nothing but major issues with the Font Platform. I don't think I've ever uploaded a new family or made updates without something being seriously broken and needing to contact support to get it fixed.

    The most recent issue I've had is that font files don't update when submissions are updated, and I've had to rely on support to get things changed manually. Personally, I've found that they've always been super helpful.

    They do say it might take five days for a response and I imagine they're overworked with how truly awful the font platform is to work with, so I wouldn't be surprised if they can't get back on time all the time. I often think they must feel like they're fighting fire with gasoline.
  • @FettleFoundry
    Earlier, about 3-4 years ago, they were very good. Any questions or problems I had would be resolved. But now it is not. They said the last font I sent would be active within three business days. I wrote more than three days ago, they didn't answer. It later appeared on page 7 in the Whats new section after being active. I put it in the download, but it does not appear. The Family Packages section is also not visible. In short, there are things that need to be addressed and I still haven't gotten an answer.
  • A foundry I work with from time to time had to contact them 2 months ago to resolve having some items removed, it only took 24 hours to remove. Then another foundry I am friends with it took almost a month to resolve the same type of issue. Seems a toss up...
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