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Hello, I have been trying to get someone on fiverr to copy these fonts for a while. I can't find anyone that can actually come close to it. Any takers? Looking to hire someone to recreate it.



  • George Thomas
    The company name is hand lettering. Three capitals and ten lowercase. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on a single font, you are better off finding something close on one of the resellers sites.
  • Alan Bernard Hughes
    If you mean the joined-up text "Williams Heating Engineers", I don't think it was made using a font. There are at least three different lower-case /is. In 1946 it would have been possible, given time, but it would have been so much easier (and cheaper) just to draw it.

    If you just want a logo, a lettering artist should produce something much quicker, cheaper and prettier than a font.

    If you really want a digital font, so that you can have any text you choose, then this is perfectly possible. The technology exists and there are plenty of font designers. Unfortunately, I lack the skills to do either job to an acceptable standard.
  • Andreas Stötzner
    Williams Healing Engineers
  • Christian Thalmann
    Williams Hea▮ing Engineers

  • Cory Maylett
    Cory Maylett Posts: 245
    edited July 2022
    What do you mean by "copy these fonts"?
    Are you referring to the cursive logotype above the fire, or are you referring to the other typefaces too?
    When you say font, are you only referring to the logotype or are you saying you want an entire installable font built — letters, numerals, punctuation marks, etc?
    If you're just asking for someone to redraw a vector version of the logotype exactly as it is instead of an installable font, that would be relatively easy, if not a bit time-consuming. In other words, getting some kid with a copy of Illustrator to do it on Fiverr for a few bucks isn't likely to produce very good results. If you want to pay a professional designer to do it for several hundred dollars, that's another story.
    As already mentioned by others, the logotype above the fire isn't a font; it's a hand-drawn logo consisting of hand-drawn letters.
  • Thomas Phinney
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    @jillzie411: You might be wondering why you aren’t getting more interested responses.

    One is that the desired outcome is very vague. Cory stepped up to help you clarify it. The fact that you don’t even know what to specify suggests you don’t really understand this area. Which is not terribly uncommon, of course! But often we hear from folks who at least have a design background and know a bit about fonts.

    1) There is a lot more to be asked there about character sets, including language support and other characters. A “normal basic font” has over 200 characters, but that can go to 350, 500, 1000 or more pretty quickly depending on language support and other typographic considerations.

    2) Also, are you aware that proper bold and italic are not just buttons, but that those buttons call up a separate font, that (to not look like crap) has to be made separately? Last night I was at a nice restaurant for my spouse’s birthday. I was shocked that the menu used fake bold and fake italic. They are not terribly uncommon at low-end or mid-range restaurants, but quite rare at a fairly nice restaurant like Petite Provence. Typographers or even competent graphic designers can spot these things a mile away. So you need to decide if you want these things.

    3) Another issue is that while a significant chunk of people here do have the expertise to do this kind of work, they are used to being paid a LOT better than what you might expect from dealing with Fiverr pricing. Just hearing that part might have thrown people off. Depending on the actual scope of what you want, I might expect quotes from competent people, if in USD, to be at least 4 digits, quite possibly 5, and maybe even 6. I and probably many other viewers see the Fiverr mention and kind of assume you would be gobsmacked by those sorts of numbers!

    4) And finally for many there is less fun in re-creating an existing style than there is in creating something new—even if it is less work.
  • John Nolan
    John Nolan Posts: 47
    Perhaps something like this would be close enough?
  • leksendesign
    Hi @jillzie411! I'm a type designer and graphic designer. Let me know if you'd like me to create vector artwork for you. Thank you! Andrea