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Since I'm brand new to selling web fonts - I'm wondering which of the files produced when I default export fonts using FontLab 7.2 - should be sent to the client once they’ve purchased a web license.

'Export TTF webfonts' produces five files FontName.xxx:


'Export OTF webfonts' produces four files FontName.xxx:


Are print fonts (ttf or otf) necessary for a web license client?

Which files does all of you package for web licensees? Do you include printer fonts?
Do you still deliver .eot (along TTF flavoured web fonts) or only send them upon request?

Thank you for any of your help!


  • I only include WOFF and WOFF2, which covers all major desktop and mobile browsers dating back to ~2012. I would provide older formats like EOT and SVG upon request if needed, but I've not had a request for them yet.

    HTML and CSS are not font files of course, but they might be handy to include so the web developer can copy and paste the necessary code to use the fonts. TTF/OTF files would only be useful if you want to allow your clients to perform their own format conversions to support older browsers.
  • Thank you, Justin and Jens!
  • I am not familiar with the output FontLab produces, but the difference between OTF and TTF "webfonts" implied in that dialog may also be in how or if those WOFF files are hinted.

    For webfonts viewed on Mac OS it does not matter, but on Windows systems the rendering can vary. Fonts with postscript hints (likely what is meant by "OTF") and TTF without hints may not be rendering adequate for text reading sizes. But then again some foundries have opted to ship webfonts generally unhinted, particularly for display fonts. Also, a poorly hinted/autohinted TTF may not be ideal.
  • Thank you for your comment, Johannes
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