Updated Ver Sacrum style

Here's something I started last week. This is just the beginning. There are lots more variations to do, but it definitely has potential. Updating a style from 125 years ago. Monoline from Thin to Medium and contrast from Thin to Medium.
The original designs were very illustrative but I thought I could make it sharper and with a slight flair. My sketch had a very contrasty style, as seen in pencil, but while digitising I really liked the Thin monoline, so I have done it in both monoline and contrasty styles as shown below. The Thin remains the same for both styles.

I looked for other digitised versions of the Ver Sacrum style but wasn't enamoured with any of them, so I thought there is room for improvement, especially with the versatility of OpenType.


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    ... I really liked the Thin monoline..

    I totally agree, Thin monoline look spectacular and has something that is lost (for me) in Medium monoline (maybe softness?).I am curious to see next alternate characters :) good luck!
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,196
    Since all the caps naturally emphasize the baseline and cap-height line, and some letters particularly so (like A/R/D), the contextual alternates that lose touch with either line jump out to me. 
    I would make R and K legs thick in the contrasted style. 
  • The /G sticks out for me.  It seems a little out of place next to the /B, /C, /D, /P and /R, particularly in the monoline.
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,690
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    Overall, I find the contrasted versions much more convincing that the monolines. Many letters seem too wide (especially /A/ and /N/) or too weird (/B/; maybe /L/?). The tiny contextual alternates (especially /E/) look out of place. All of these are more noticeable in the monolines.
    Does contrasted /B/ look too busy?
  • Nick CookeNick Cooke Posts: 115
    I'm not really bothered about proportions being too wide or weird. I spend most of my time restraining myself from exuberance so I'm going a little wild and IT FEELS GREAT. Running with the wind in my hair. Laughing HA HA HA!
  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 667
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    I personally already like the monoline medium when set in small size, maybe I'd just add some organic terminal flaring or subtle contrast to give it more oomph when set in larger sizes.
    I'm loving the tiny T in CT/ST, and I'd try to make the tiny E feel more like it — make it more substantial, maybe wider, so that its size and proportions feel justified by the shape of the adjacent letters just like it is in CT/ST. Currently, in PE/LE it feels as though there's either "too little E" or "too little P/L".
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