COLRv1 available in Chromium/Chrome

As detailed here COLRv1 (gradient vector color fonts, with smaller file sizes compared to other color font formats, that work with variable fonts) is now available in the latest stable version of Chromium/Chrome :)


  • Huzzah!

    The current release appears to be 97.x (just updated on this system), but 98 should follow soon, right?

    Even in 97, COLRv1 support can be enabled in the chrome://flags settings.
  • and what makes me happy, both tables (COLRv1 and SVG) coexist happily in one TTF/WOFF. As live example color font UseYourImagination in red variant for SVGinOT (in firefox) and blue for COLRv1 (chrome) - LINK

    WOFF COLRv1 - 32,1KB
    WOFF SVGinOT - 72,3KB
    WOFF COLRv1 + SVGinOT - 89,9KB
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