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    @Ray Larabie oh, well, I didn't mean marketing and presentation either.  I'm talking about the licensing model exclusively.
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    Thanks @John Hudson.  I'm constantly struggling to find ways to articulate this problem.  I've been chewing away at the explanation for about nine years now and you've known me for most of that. 

    "IP vs Software" is my latest attempt at framing the same thing.  I arrived at it this year after a conversation with a friend who was shocked that I think broadcast licensing is confusing to customers.  "But these same companies buy broadcast licensing for music" he said.

    He was right and so I thought about it and realised that the cognitive dissidence arrises from the fact that fonts are software licensed in a hybrid model with IP licensing.  I think some of this is unavoidable but that to the extent we can choose one model it will be more intuitive to customers. You're definitely right that there's a way this confirmed my priors.  Someone else would have seen that and decided to double down on the IP model (friends of mine have). 

    I really do try to be pragmatic, the reason I've been beating the "fonts are software and we need to accept that" drum for so long is that I think as long as we use software to package the typeface into a font we don't have a choice
  • @Ray Larabie To continue your analogy, there’s ample reasons why top fashion brands don’t sell their clothes in malls.
  • Thanks everyone for your revelatory and insightful comments.
    I am heartily sorry that some among us loss patience with my process. My sole defense lies in my first post, which began with a quote from Albert Einstein— “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it," often paraphrased as "Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible." Call me schooled, call me chastened, call me Don Quixote.
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    @Nick Curtis No disrespect Nick, but again, nobody has an issue with your idea. You just didn't present an idea at all.
    Although, for what it's worth, you did trigger a conversation 66 comments long.
  • …for what it's worth, you did trigger a conversation 66 comments long.
    Matthijs, no offense taken where none is intended.
    I lost almost off all of the month of August due to a number of successive hospitalizations. In my absence, my subject—along a whole lot more of which I was not aware—revealed itself in the course of those very same 66 comments.
  • @NickCurtis
    Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, and wishing you nothing but the best, old bean! I hope you are done with whatever thing(s) have been troubling your health.
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