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Hi all

I have a wordmark in need of critique. It is supposed to look cute and playful, but modern and stylish. It uses the same circle forms that are also in the artwork for the product that it represents, blending in with said artwork.

Two versions, though I do not even know if the slight tweaks make a real difference.
v1: /p inner counter is somewhat above center, belly seems to be sagging somewhat?
v2: /p inner counter centered, but lower belly (4-5 o'clock) slightly thickened. /b slightly thicker (it is a reversed /p now)

The background circle is not part of the logo.

Thanks in advance!



  • Matthijs Herzberg
    The difference is so minor I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't specified, but number 2 looks better to me. I do have a hang-up with that /y: it looks vertically squashed. I think it would look more balanced with the descender going down as far as the descender on /p, and the top part looking more like /u.
  • Vasil Stanev
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    Every single letter in this mark is wrong, the y because it is too clogged and the others + the y because the so-called "bone effect" is not taken into consideration. :) Read on it and you will be able to improve it instantly.

    Rework the y to a classical form of two intersecting curves, IMO. It would be instantly more legible.

    Also, the bottom oval of an U is traditionally squished vertically under the weight of the stems. Not doing so brings us back to the '00 club scene.

    Centered how? Vertically on the ovals is best IMO.
  • JoannesMathieu
    Thank you both!