Right font for the logo

Hey! I am not a professional and this question for an advice surely could be classified as an ask for free work. So please don't be mad :)

So! I have a logo for a studio done, but the font of the actual name is giving me trouble. I thought, maybe wise people over here could suggest something that might work?




  • I'm really confused about the weird lines in the logo. Why are they there? In general the shape seems too complex to function as a logo.

    I think it's hard to give advice about a typeface, when the logo doesn't make sense.
  • Aye!

    You mean those extra lines on the sides or the whole logo?
  • Both
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  • My first interpretation of the logo is stylized people performing a ritual of some sort, and my second interpretation is stylized people bowling. The second would only make sense if the large circle in the center was an image of a bowling ball.
    Neither are probably correct.
  • Given the name “Neoteric Rites,” I should think your first interpretation is correct.
  • I see the logo as a sort of alien tree, or perhaps a sharp metal thingy with which to ritually hurt oneself...
    Yes, maybe lose one level of fractal iteration to keep the logo functional at small sizes. The pseudo-metal effect in the outline doesn't work at all, as others have noted. I'm also a bit bothered by that single downward-pointing spike amidst all that upward-pointing motion, but maybe that's deliberate?
    A geometric sans looks too clean and conventional for what I assume is an unconventional company. Here are some alternate suggestions (shamelessly using my own fonts...):

  • Thank you, guys! And, yes - those are people bowing - the "rites" are there, this is correct. Actually glad it can be read out. Those extra lines - I guess I needed your input to finally say goodbye to them - you know how it is with your own works :) I will def look into correcting that downward motion, as this is not intended.
    It's a games studio - as I am drawing in some funding, I am creating a legal entity, so there have to be a logo in any future press releases etc.
  • One thing to keep in mind, which is the reason people are talking about simplification: what is the smallest size and place this logo needs to work, both in print and in pixels? Think about whether the logo will work well and still look good in those settings, and if not, how much simplification it needs to work there. Christian is right—but it may need even more than that. 
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