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  • These are others hebrew latinzed fonts.
    I don't like these either.
    I have never saw anyone using them.
  • … either Hebrew or Cherokee.
    Won’t be useful for anything but looks damn nice.
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    These are others hebrew latinzed fonts.
    I don't like these either.
    I have never saw anyone using them.
    Atzor is clearly an imitation of Stop, and some of the others have names showing what typeface they're imitating. But despite the attempt to let Hebrew-language speakers join in the fun of using some popular Latin-script typefaces, most of these I wouldn't even call Latinized; some are somewhat so because they've added serifs.
    Ah; the culprit is Michael Zerbib; these typefaces are on one of those cheap CDs that offer a lot of fonts, something called TES Font Studio. Just as Latin script users, for a while, could select from a number of inexpensive CDs containing a large selection of fonts which imitated popular typefaces.
  • To get back to Greek: a friend pointed me to vintage Greek music videos recently. There are a few available at YT. As it happens, they contain some rare views on old-day music-sheet title graphics featuring some very nice (and interesting) lettering examples of those days. I enjoy them very much (as I enjoy the music itself, naturally :).
    I find them rather adorable, regarding both the musical and the graphical aspect. It is not the 1st time that I set my eyes on Greek custom lettering with particular interest, since it reveals many precious insights about that script’s hidden soul, nature, dreams, tortures, escapades, … you name it.

    just examples:

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    @Andreas Stötzner
    Great idea. Here are a few more examples of Greek sheet music covers.
  • My own acquaintance with Greek music is limited - I did find the haunting melodies of Manos Hadjidakis irresistible, when I heard them in the early work of Nana Mouskouri. One of my favorites, though, although she performed it in her television show, she did not seem to have recorded it: Mes Tin Varka (or Mes S'afti Tin Varka). This had been previously performed by Aliki Vougiouklaki in a movie.
  • @Ray Larabie
    fantastic findings!!
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