• I’m really liking where your taking your design! Looking at it is like sinking down into a beanbag chair, if that makes sense. /K is looking better. Perhaps give a bit more of the treatment you gave your uppercase to the corners on /4 and /5 as well.
  • That new /K/ looks very narrow, though, along with /V/Y/.
  • Paul MillerPaul Miller Posts: 273
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    Munson is the typeface for which I've been looking for ages!
    Please feel free to download a copy for today's special price of absolutely nothing.  Furthermore you may use Munson for whatever purpose you desire, commercial or non-commercial without any obligations or acknowledgements, and that includes modifying it if it doesn't suit your purposes and producing derivatives.
    See if you can find the easter eggs, shouldn't be hard to spot for someone with a font editor.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch there is a new Kandidate for /K.  I have gone more Konventional on this one.  I have also widened /V and /Y.

  • Well folks, it's finally here.

    This font has been delayed too long. It should have been finished early last year but 2020 didn't exactly go according to plan and a lot of other stuff happened which brought home the fact that font design is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    But I'm back now ! D

    Bainsley has support for many European languages including Greek, Cyrillic and Armenian.

    The font has many Kerning Pairs and supports fractions, superscript and subscript. The small caps and petite caps features work with all the supported languages. There are many dingbats, symbols, arrows and shapes available when needed. There might even be a couple of easter eggs buried somewhere within.

    It is available for free from Local Fonts

  • Is it too late to suggest narrowing your /space glyph?
  • @Paul Miller Glad the "f"' is descending less.  :->
  • Paul MillerPaul Miller Posts: 273
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    @Craig Eliason it is never too late!

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