Arabic Design Contest

AzizMostafaAzizMostafa Posts: 40
Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to design one Arabic font to win our tool, namely "QalamBartar" shown at and elaborated at plus a number of unique and dynamic Arabic fonts out of these

1st Prize: QalamBartar plus 20 unique and dynamic Arabic fonts
2st Prize: QalamBartar plus 10 unique and dynamic Arabic fonts
3rd Prize: QalamBartar plus 05 unique and dynamic Arabic fonts

The winning fonts will be added to QalamBartar and copyrighted by

Deadline: 20.08.2019
Happy Designing


  • AzizMostafaAzizMostafa Posts: 40
    edited March 18
    Wait what? The winner gets a piece of software and some font licenses, and in return gives the copyrights of his/her design away?
    Well, in addition to getting QB and licenses of some unique and dynamic fonts, the winner will get his/her own font converted to dynamic one and named by him/her. Is that better or giving away his/her design, as is, and will be stolen/pirated, sooner or later?!
    All the Best

  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 302
    But the amount of weird ideas you guys have, though.
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