Eating into your own market with similar releases?

Have you ever seen a negative impact from releasing two related, but arguably different enough, versions of a font into the market within a short time of each other (e.g. 2-3 weeks)? Do they eat into each other's effectiveness/sales potential and should have some time on their own, or might they benefit each other by showing breadth and giving exposure to the other?

For example, it might be Fontname was the original release, and 2-3 weeks later a companion, Fontname Stencil or Fontname Rounded, is ready.


  • Paul Miller
    People often want related fonts if they see them presented within a short time so it is likely thay releasing Fontname then Fontname Stencil and Fontname Rounded shortly after will enhance sales.

    If the original font was any good of course !

  • Adam Ladd
    Ha, yes, valid point at the end, Paul. Thanks.