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First off- Hello! I'm new here. Not sure if this is the correct category, but seemed to fit best here. I'm sure the excellent moderators will help out with that.

I am a graphic designer at First Baptist Church of Norfolk. LifeWay, the vendor for our Vacation Bible School curriculum each year, has provided a free font to go along with this years VBS. It's called Game On! and is available for download here:
The font seems to work fine in all Adobe Creative Suite applications with both Mac & Windows. But on Windows machines, in Microsoft Word & Publisher, the bottoms of all round letters (C, O, Q, etc.) are being sliced off ("flat tires"). This seems to be happening on all our Windows machines, so it's not just isolated to a single computer.

Is there a way to take the data from the existing OTF & re-ouput or re-convert it, so that the characters work correctly across the board? No modifications or changes to the type, just creating a new OTF that works properly.
We don't have any kind of font creation applications here and was just wondering if this was something that was possible.

Thanks in advance for any help. Have a great day!



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    Internal data shows Stephanie Salvatore is the Manufacturer of the font, and Clay Cantrell is the Designer. Copyright is owned by Lifeway Christian Resources. Your absolute best (and only legal) choice is to contact one of them, explain the problem, and ask them to fix it.

  • Hi Jeremy, this has to do with the vertical metrics in the font. It is fixable, but will require a font editing app (FontLab, Glyphs, etc.) and best practice would be to contact the original designer and ask them to follow Karsten Luecke's excellent guide to font metrics.
  • Yes- I have contacted LifeWay. They are aware of the issues. They said while they are happy to provide the font for use, they could not provide any technical support. So I don't believe there is any current intent to update/correct the file.
  • I'm no expert with font mastering but the font's "winDescent" value is 0, which is most likely causing the the round letters to be cut off. Increasing it would probably solve this issue.
  • Jeremy, send me an e-mail and I will help you: samiartur at gmail dot com
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    Set WinAscent to 750 and WinDescent to (-)250 and you should be OK.
  • Is there a way to take the data from the existing OTF & re-ouput or re-convert it […]
    Irrespective of the question whether this allowed by third parties, when it comes to modifications of the vertical metrics as required here, there is no necessity to convert or to regenerate the font. The most convenient way to alter the values is using the Consistency Checker of DTL OTMaster.

    In the ‘Statistics’ section you can use the ‘Check’ option to find out what the largest vertical values are and to which characters these are related.

    Consequently, in the ‘Header’ section the related entries can be adapted. That should do the trick.

    If there are deviations in the calculated vertical metrics among a font family, one can standardize the values for all members, of course.
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