Changes To Reactions Redux



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    My guess is, here "Disagree" is proxy for the no-longer-available "Off-Topic."
    That's a decent guess, but only for some of them, and most of all other people going just as off-topic are being spared.

    If you need to say something a Reaction cannot, use your words (which I think has a greater chance of bringing things back on-topic, certainly compared to Disagree). But of course that would require taking off the mask. Also, you might find people suggesting you loosen up.

    BTW the Reaction on the tweet I mentioned above has been changed from Disagree, to... Abuse! To me that's even more damaging than using Disagree to mean off-topic, probably even more damaging than actually going off-topic.

    Oh wait, my tweet above
    has been hit with Abuse as well! And now this one probably will too!
    Wonderful moderation work.
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