Mobile font licensing sales

Those of you who run responsive foundry or reseller sites: about what percentage of your business comes from people buying licenses through their phones? through their tablets?

Many thanks!


  • Thanks, Thierry.
  • Max, I'm not in the business of selling fonts (yet), but I have built many commercial websites over the years. The general mantra for web design is mobile first, but given that a type designers primary client is likely to be a graphic designer/typographer/web designer, they're most likely to be using a desktop. 
    I'd concur with Therry, make your site responsive, use flexible measurements throughout (em/%/vw/vh) and float all the major site elements. Thats will solve most issues. You might want to pay some attention to the navigation for mobiles/tablets, but that isn't a big issue and can be easily handled by a media query.
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