Copy or what?

Hi everyone, 

in the November 10th (2017) newsletter of I discovered in the "hot new font section" a font called Merlod. I had the feeling, in a way that it is quite similar to a font I have designed back in 2013 called Mozsár. It was never made ready to sell until recently, but I have put it out on my Behance site and my website some years ago.

Do you think this Merlod font is really similar to Mozsár? I have the feeling yes, although not exactly the same, because the shapes are a bit more rounded, and it has many different weights too, but the spacing logic and the idea, the way the diacritics are quite close to mine. On the other hand, there so many other features which are different.
So I’d like to know am I overreacting, or it is indeed a bit too close to my work?

My basic problem with this issue is that lately I have finished and completed the glyphset of Mozsár font in order to to sell it. But since that other font came out, it could harm my business chances. I will try it out of course. 

I would really apreciate any feedback on the situation. Also, if you had any similar experience, could you tell me how did it go? Should I contact or the studio that produced this?

Thanks, all my best!


  • At first glance, to me it’s a complete different typeface and nothing can stop you to publish your font. 
  • Someone liked your concept and did something similar, but they are not the same. Publish yours as you planned and don't look back. If they complain, perhaps you have some proof of prior publication?
  • They're both typefaces. That's about it.
  • Thank you for all the answers, they are extremely helpful.
  • Completely different.
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