Fundraising and Custom Plugin for Real Names

James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,933
Right now I am paying for TypeDrawers out of pocket. Hosting costs me $50 US per month, the domain name is another $20 a year. Some people have offered to donate to cover costs. If you want to donate please use Paypal, my address is james (dot) puckett (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, I have a quote from Vanilla for a custom plugin to require users supply real names. It will cost $390. If $390 worth of you want to chip in for this feature we can make it happen. But remember that if it does get implemented, we will still have to deal with people who supply fake names. In the case of Ben Dover and Rod Johnson it will be easy to deal with, but there will be people who provide fake names that seem legit.


  • Are you hosting this yourself James or using their hosted service?
  • I am using the hosted service. This ensures that the software stays secure and up to date without breaking and that if I am unable to continue the site I can easily pass control to someone else. I feel it is necessary to ensure Typedrawers does not break down the way Typophile has.
  • Just donated $50 for hosting
    (of course, feel free to use it for the plug in if you prefer)
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Donation for hosting sent.
  • James, $50 donation sent. Thanks for setting up and running this site.
  • I would like to donate too, but, as James, I don't use PayPal. Is there any other way?
  • Same here James... I think I still have your e-mail address. I will check in.
  • I will look into other payment options and get back to you guys. Thanks to James for his commitment, and to everyone who has donated so far.
  • Donation sent James!
  • Donation sent.
  • James, if you add a donation button, they can pay via Paypal using their credit cards, whiteout the need to register at paypal.
  • Donation sent via PayPal. I have no issues with them for personal transfers like this. If possible, please consider my contribution a vote for the Real Names plugin. Thanks again for your efforts, James!
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,002
    Donation sent.
    Keep up the good work!
  • $50 sent.
  • Donation sent. Thanks again, James.
  • Just sent a donation.
  • Donation sent - thanks for all you do, James!!!
  • Donation sent!
  • Hi James, I know that over at go daddy dot com a deluxe hosting package will allow up to a couple of terabites bandwidth for a forum website. I have that package, it's about 100 dollars per year.

    Hope that helps.

  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,933
    edited March 2013
    Not having to use GoDaddy is precisely why I pay extra for Vanilla hosting. Vanilla is not just providing server hosting. They developed the Vanilla forums platform. It’s a massive redundant system that can shrug off DOS attacks. They keep the whole thing updated and secure. There’s a shared anti-spam system built in that allows every Vanilla forum to share a blocked email address list. If I was doing this on Godaddy I would spend hours dealing with that stuff every day. Vanilla pretty much runs on autopilot.
  • But it sounds so... I don't know, vanilla. And Godaddy sounds so... viagra.
  • Godaddy sounds so 90s porkpie hat.
  • Fundraising and Custom Plugin for Real Names
    5star sounds so ... not like a real name?
    My apologies.
  • @James, as one of the new(er) spam slayers over on Typophile I well understand your concerns about spam. Perhaps it is time you thought about building a crew and save yourself a ton of cash?

    @Jan, no offense taken and I understand your point of view.

    But a Real Name Plugin would accomplish what exactly? A first and last name? Would that be in King's english only? I mean how tight do you think you can construct what you regard as a real name?

    Prince ... is that not a real name? To name but one ;)

    I don't mind using my real name at all, but fundraising for something that can't even be truly justified isn't that a waste of time, effort and money?

    What's in a name ...


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,933
    Perhaps it is time you thought about building a crew and save yourself a ton of cash?
    The answer to all problems is not stinginess. $50 a month to save dozens of hours of work is an excellent deal.
  • If that is what floats your boat then that's great. It's nice to see something fresh and I wish you all the best ... hope you'll not get burnt out to soon.

  • @5star, since you say you don't mind using your real name, then just do it.
  • @George, thanks for your comment but I like my nom-de-screen :)

    And don't forget, there are many who also enjoy doing the same.

    Just wondering tho, what difference does it make anyway?

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