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  • Robin Mientjes
    […] if you intend to make a real cultural contribution, and you don't assume that precedents are necessarily well-conceived, freely look at everything.
    This is an attitude that I think is most healthy to hold in the current industry. Even if we assume the ‘infill-ism’ to be true, there is still the matter of whether the existing bricks in the wall are any good. If they live up to their intentions, their potential, whether they held up a gold standard for technology in days gone by. Perhaps, as Stephen King so often says, ‘the world had moved on’. We still make movies according to the hero’s journey story structure, and I appreciate when the story breaks with that, but at the same time I also enjoy it when it is done well.
  • Kent Lew
    Kent Lew Posts: 908
    Was it in reference to Chambord/Touraine [...] or Banco?
    Hrant – I couldn’t say. In my mind, this anecdote blends with many other Mike Parker stories (though I couldn’t *swear* I actually heard it from Mike). I never attempted to track down any other source or otherwise determine whether the account was apocryphal. If I think of it, at some point I might see if Matthew can shed any light on this one.