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Beau Williamson


Beau Williamson
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  • Re: EULAs: No Modifications Clauses.

    For what it's worth, I allow modifications of my fonts because I am only secondarily a type designer and primarily a graphic designer. The number of times I have needed to modify a font in the last ten years is under a dozen, but each time the change made a huge difference to a job or even recurring tasks. Reasons for needing a mod have included an errant kerning pair, a missing character (é - I'm looking at you) and problems with glyph outlines that made the postscript printer puke spikes through my text. None of these were hard things to fix, and the production environment I was living in would not have allowed time for me to politely inquire of the original designer to fix them. The idea that I shouldn't be allowed to fix errors is absurd to me, especially when I'm dealing with a font that comes from a lessor designer (in which category I include myself). The idea of a no change clause strikes me as more specific but in the same category as not allowing fonts to be sent to a printer. Impractical.

    A clause that states that the designer is in no way responsible for modified fonts is eminently reasonable.
  • Re: Kaffeebohne Display

    The 's' is another cool misfit. I was pondering the 'a' and wonder if matching the top terminal to the 's' would fix the 'a' and at the same time welcome the 's' closer to the font.

    And I would suggest squaring up the 'o' a little bit.
  • Re: Modular type: your help finding good examples needed

    I immediately thought of those modular type ornament blocks. I can only find one example right now. Sorry for the bad quality, my scanner is not working, but this is from The Lovell & Gibson Specimen book of 1847 (in reprint); if you look close you can see the individual blocks that it is built from.

  • Re: Fonts in the Wild

    I released one free font a few years ago on a not too well known platform. When I searched for it, about an hour after uploading, the first hit was a Russian free font site with my name stripped out.