Rue Charon

I'm finally back to this design. Wanting to hear critique of the updated characters. This is a display font, meant to be used big and not many lines together. Thanks for looking.


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    I'm sure there are others in here who could help you out more with their extensive experience but here's some of what I think looks weird and maybe even wrong to some extent. Regular version stem width for lc is thicker than the lc italic version. 'w' looks like it's leaning to the right. '4' needs more negative space I guess, same with 2. 'e' and 'e'  has a weird eye, hairline stroke around there looks like a squiggly line in smaller pts, overall the 'e' looks weird like it doesn't belong there. Shoulder on 'h' leans to the right, lacks width too, 'r' a tad wide? Some of the Regular lc glyphs appear to have a lean to the right. 'g and 'g''s loop & link look squished. Tail on 'y' could use some weight or the ball terminal could be larger. '' 's serifs look odd at that size. 'c' 's ball terminal  could be larger to make up for that all space, same with arm on 'k' ? 'J' looks squished vertically, leg on 'R' is too thin, 'U' looks squished again. 'Q' 's tail appears tacked on. Arm on 'K' without a serif makes it weird and less in weight. Regular uc lacking in flared serifs like the one on 'T' makes it less cohesive, is it common to do this? I would think it needs to be replicated across the board. 
  • Thank you for the comment. Lots of great advice there. I've been working it over with your notes in mind.
  • AbiRasheedAbiRasheed Posts: 236
    @Beau Williamson  I'd get a second opinion in here though from the more experienced folks just to be sure of some of the things I said and some of the stuff I missed. Cheers!
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