Matchmaking typefaces: Taking theory, taste, and history into consideration...

I am a second year Graphic Design student and I'm learning a lot from all of your valuable posts here. So thanks for that.

I am designing my own brand identity and what they say is true, it is every designer's nightmare. For the letterhead, I used Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 for the paragraph headers, as well as Eames Century Modern Book and its Bolds and Italics for the body text. I thought that Trade Gothic gave a serious, newspaper-y urgency that balanced out Eames' modern, school book quality.

Now I am looking for a typeface to set my name in. In addition to going well in style and tone with the aformentioned two, it has to be eye-catching enough to draw people in (I have one of those bland names, typographically speaking.). Some information about myself: At this point, my work is cerebral, artistic, dark, and a rooted in philosophy and discourse. I'm also looking for something masculine and efficient, yet approachable.

Any ideas?


  • Sorry, but Typedrawers is not a general graphic design forum, and the rules specifically prohibit font recommendation requests. There are countless articles about font pairing on the web, take some time to read and digest them.
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