The National Typesetting Tournament Championship [1886]


  • There should have been a follow-up tournament for the men who had to re-distribute the type.
  • I'm wondering how often they did this... more digging...
  • While perhaps not the most "beautiful" piece of typesetting, I think matching this with modern layout apps would be challenging. A good assignment for Typography students. That solid set is impressive.
  • Brock, your posting this ad piqued my interest and I went looking around for it. It appears in The Inland Printer issue #3. Also in that issue is a fascinating editorial arguing against the adoption of the 8 hour work day. Also a commentary on the lewd "abortions" of the lithographic arts proliferating and causing moral decay. Wonderful stuff. Thanks.
  • These events were very popular in the late 1880s as typesetters' boasting was turned into a P. T. Barnum -like spectacle in dime museums.

    I believe there is a keepsake book from that specific event, which was one of the largest held. There is also a long article in an old issue of Chicago History with all the nitty gritty details.

    There are also a number of contemporary books is specifically about these guys

    and is not so much about the races but a collection of short articles about hobo typesetters collected from the inland printer
  • Is that a figure 1 rather than a cap I in "Championship"?

    If so, brilliant.
  • Matthew, I wondered if anyone would notice that.
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