Another attempt to provide a way to design type using skeletons:

I haven't tried it yet, partly because I'm not really interested in building letterforms starting from skeletons, but it does look interesting. Anybody tried it yet?

It only works in Glyphs right now, but they are promising support in other font editors.


  • If I were still actively producing fonts, I would be on this like a duck on a Junebug, having produced most of my 800+ fonts using the skeleton method in some form or another.
  • The stuff that Matthew Blanchard is doing with Variable Width Stroking in the MFEK glyph editor is very interesting to me, especially the pattern-along-path feature. It's not terribly user friendly yet but that's only a matter of time. See here and here

  • It only works in Glyphs right now, but they are promising support in other font editors.
    Yeah they've been saying that for some yrs now. This stuff was released some yrs ago, they even made a post in here about it and I was very interested in trying it out and mailed them if we could have a version for fontlab or AI. They said it was in the works but nothing came of it. 
  • Ah, wondered if this tool might have come up before, but got no hits searching for "lttr" or "lttr/ink" before posting. Seems they changed the name.
  • This is sort of, kind of related but LTTR/INK are also working on a e-commerce product for font retail, Anyone tried this out?
  • Plenty of nice features. Viewed as a work-in-progress it is impressive.

    From the demo, it sure looks like there is a linear price multiplier on the scaling of quantities—which would make me much less excited. That’s exactly one of the key complications I would expect a custom font e-commerce solution to address. But if it is in the pipeline, then great.  :smile:

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