Kern On—Semi Automated Kerning Plugin for Glyphs

James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,838
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Tim Ahrens of Font Remix Tools fame has just released Kern On. Kern On is a tool that allows designers to set model pairs for how a font should be kerned and used them to generate kerning for an entire font. I think that it’s going to save me lots of time in the future.


  • Sounds promising. I hope there will be a Windows version (for the sake of diversity).
  • As it is a glyphs plug-in, I doubt it. Personally, this is a bigger enticement to switch OS than any mac-specific type apps I've seen yet. Is there anything remotely similar for FontLab?

  • @Matthijs Herzberg It's just that so many people in this world would have to rob a fancy restaurant to be able to switch OS... (As for myself, even though I could easily switch, I would feel dirty. Well, dirtier.)
  • Nick CurtisNick Curtis Posts: 117
    I’m open to make it available in other environments/font editors but it has to be economically feasible.
    May I humbly suggest that such is a two-way street. Personally, I find kerning to be rather tedious and would be willing to pay handsomely for a tool which reliably cuts the tedium down.

  • Alex VisiAlex Visi Posts: 165
    The tool seems to be very interesting at least from the website demos, great job Tim!

    However, I’m curious whether setting up the models, “debating” with the computer and then making sure it has kerned everything correctly and/or correcting the result could be more time consuming than old-fashionly running through a carefully made kerning list manually?
  • Adam LaddAdam Ladd Posts: 214
    Wondering if anyone has tried to implement this and any feedback so far? I'm close to the kerning phase on a current family, so I'm curious (I think the trial ends soon... Oct. 31).
  • Messanges Big and Small by Malou Verlomme has been kerned by this tool. Both offer a free Regular style that you can inspect.
  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 675
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     would be willing to pay handsomely
    Me too.

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