Font proofing in Acrobat on iPad (issue)

This is not as much a font tech question as it's just a general tech question, so bear with me... but thought it could be relevant to post here as I'm probably not the only one in this forum who is delving into digital font-proofing.

When drawing annotations with Apple Pencil in a PDF (Acrobat) on my iPad, I've encountered an issue, where the stroke changes appearance as the file is saved. See the images for reference; First image is before saving, and second image is after saving. It seems that the line becomes simplified and loses its roundness, which is a problem when making very small annotations as they become pretty hard to read. 

Anyone know if there's a fix to this? Trying my luck in the Adobe forum, too.


  • A pretty radical fix could be to use another app. 
    I read quite often that people use notability (but I have no experience there) and I use Procreate (might not be the best in terms of workflow as I am sure there are other apps that make it easier to import, edit and safe the files).
  • I use Notability, and I like it quite a lot for type proofing. The one thing I wish it did better was allowing infinite zoom. It tends to never quite zoom in as close as I’d like to in order to mark up fixes to make. But, overall it is so good, I am okay with that and use it anyway.
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