E-commerce platform recommendations?

There're plenty e-commerce platforms out there, but which to use for selling fonts?

It's get a bit tricky with a variable product (single weights/families, licences for print/web/etc and the amount of usage like cpu/pageviews/etc). Which platform offers the best experience for the customer and meet the requirements for more or less general pricing models (e.g. calculating quantity discount for every added font or number of users/pageviews)?


  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,103
    I'm also curious if anyone is using generic platforms :) From what I have seen, the small amount of products and huge amount of product variations ("SKU"s) involved in font selling means most foundries write their own shop code, because generic e-commerce platforms are optimised for many products and low variations (like ebooks or music files.) 
  • We use WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).
  • Exactly. If you want a good shop, go custom.

    If you just want to at least be able to do some of those kind of things, semi-complex e-commerce platforms like Drupal Commerce can work, but you’re not going to be very happy with any of those in the long term, and it takes a lot of hacking them to get there.
  • Exactly. If you want a good shop, go custom.
    If you have $20,000+ budget and a 12month+ development window.
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,103
    We use WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).
    How many products and SKUs are you offering? :)
  • We use WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).
    How many products and SKUs are you offering? :)

    Gradually adding the whole library (200 plus fonts) in Desktop, Web, mApp and ePub each with price variations for user/pageview nubers.

    The main things I have learnt since starting our own e-shop, besides how much time and effort it takes to get it up and running, is just how much time is required on maintenance, updates, marketing and customer communications. If you are considering your own e-shop it will make a big dent in your font productivity time without additional resources (people) to help you.
  • Experiencing this custom shop barrier to entry right now getting things ready (been working 12month+) for an early 2017 launch. I'll reiterate that the custom solution seems necessary to do it right for the long-term.
  • Exactly. If you want a good shop, go custom.
    If you have $20,000+ budget and a 12month+ development window.
    I never said anything else.

    I hacked our own shop together (with no PHP knowledge) with random Drupal / Drupal Commerce plugins back in 2011, often designing the site to adapt to whatever plugins I could find, instead of actually designing a good user experience.

    Then we relaunched with another Drupal-based site in 2013, a bit less cobbled together but still pretty badly done.

    Currently, we’re working on our own custom shop, and I’m very much looking forward to spending more time on making the experience better versus trying to keep the ship afloat in the future.
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    Thanks everyone for their thoughts and experiences, much appreciated.
    We use WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).
    Hmm, this excludes the possibility of selling additional physical goods I'm afraid.
  • Shoppify can do anything needed in the retailing of font licenses, I'm advised.
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    Shopify does multi-user discounting now? That’s cool.
  • Shopify has a very difficult time using a type testdriver since all external stuff must be run through its proxy server. Also, @Miles Newlyn can you send a link to the multi-user methods available?
  • @Stuart Sandler
    unfortunately I don't have a link, the advice I had on this was from Jake Giltsoff at Adobe.
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    Someone suggested me https://www.opencart.com I haven't looked into this properly yet though.
  • I think Typofonderie uses (or used) Lemonstand, which is one I've been looking into.

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    I use Woocommerce for my e-shop. It has lots of plugins, many free, some paid. It also has the benefit of supporting as many product variation types as you want, both digital and physical products.
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    A year ago, we started working on e-shop for our friends. Since they had same requirements and wanted to split the costs, we made an e-commerce platform.

    Check out the website https://www.lttrshop.com/ 

  • I think Typofonderie uses (or used) Lemonstand, which is one I've been looking into.

    LemonStand was shut down on June 5th, 2019. Mailchimp bought them.
  • FWIW, Guido Ferreyra is starting FoundryCore, “a specific web development service for type foundries. It aims to help them to take their work online by building tailored websites by using digital fonts specific knowledge and tools developed after years of working with type on the web.” After getting in touch with him, he sent me some videos. Looks very promising.
  • No experience with it, but it seems an increasing number of foundries rely on fontdue.
  • @Quinn Keaveney Might I wrap up your comment as scalability issue.

    How do we want to address this?
    There are two solutions we are planning to build:
    1. bulk administration for a large number of font families.
    2. headless frontend integration (API first approach) allows creating completely own frontend interface. For end customers, it will look more native. So the subdomain will be unnecessary.

    Once we got more foundries in, those features become priority NO1.
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    A few more integrated solutions have popped up recently. Not endorsing, just listing.
  • The last update on fontdue appears to be almost a year back. That doesn't bode well. 
  • There isn't much social activity, but Tom is still active on Fontdue, and is very nice to work with.

    Here's a list of sites built with Fontdue that I know of:
  • I think https://felicianotype.com/ as well 
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