Fontlab7: bold effect creates extra nodes?

I've started experimenting with masters, variations, and instances in Fontlab7, and ran into trouble almost immediately.

To get two masters to play with, I used the "bold" effect on one of my fonts. 
But when I use the matchmaker tool, I see a spiderweb of mismatched nodes. I realized the bold effect created different (and at times nonsensical) nodes. I thought the bold effect would just move the existing nodes around. 

Is this because I have some kind of grid fitting setting turned on, perhaps? Or are my curves no good? Or are the effects not really suitable for this?


  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 1,901
    I recommend posting a query on the FL7 forum, including some images of your starting outlines and the results of the bold effect.
  • Yury YarmolaYury Yarmola Posts: 10
    There are 2 different "bold" algorithms in FL7, but I agree with John, please continue on FL forum.
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