Install fonts from App Store with iOS 13



  • That's really weird. I guess apps need to be updated to use the custom fonts and they haven't yet?
  • Yes, exactly.
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    We understand there are some iOS apps that currently use Custom Fonts and more coming soon but I don't have a list to reference yet. I think the tipping point will only occur if Adobe exclusively limits the fonts it allows in it's iOS apps to it's own Adobe Fonts library or legitimate Custom Fonts that are installed to the system and ignore fonts that were added via configuration profiles (aka side-loaded).

    Any thoughts on this @Christopher Slye ?
  • Not to be repetitive, but don't forget about Photoshop and the supply and demand cycle completed by that app and the 5 launch partners. Adobe announced at Typecon that Adobe Fonts will be synching to the iOS platform. Once those fonts are available there, I predict we'll see other apps making use of them. I think that will beget demand for more fonts, et cetra.
  • @MrEchs I totally agree with your assessment but to my point, will Adobe iOS apps expressly favor Adobe Fonts AND Custom Fonts by independent font makers or will it allow side-loaded fonts via configuration profiles created by iFont or similar?

    The point being it's honestly not that difficult to side-load a font using desktop fonts, Dropbox and iFont which is why folks on the iOS haven't been clamoring for it. So indeed the path of least resistance is for users to continue to use these end-run solutions to load fonts onto iPhones and iPads.

    To your point, if Photoshop for iOS expressly forbids the loading of those fonts, it could make a significant impact on the potential iOS marketplace for font creators.
  • Just a quick update to share that folks are finally starting to come up to speed on understanding Custom Fonts and here's a great video that explains this: 

    To be sure, as the only Custom Fonts app in the App Store, we're really starting to get lots of great response now after scratching our heads for the last few days since the release of the app wondering why people weren't fully understanding Custom Fonts on the iOS.

    The app has thus far been downloaded over 5k times (Only a few hundred last week and this week, much larger volume as more How-To videos regarding Custom Fonts on iOS have surfaced)
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