Freelance Type design - Expansion of Merriweather

I am expanding Merriweather from being a variable font family with Weights to one with Width and Optical variation too.

Because I am going from 4 masters (including Italics) to 24 masters - I need a group of skilled folk who can work as a team to release this by Sept. Private message me if you are interested. You have a better shot if you have worked on optical and or width oriented projects before. 

Merriweather supports an extensive Latin and Cyrillic glyph set.

The terms are as work for hire and the font family will continue to be licensed using the SIL Open font license


  • Georg SeifertGeorg Seifert Posts: 667
    Are you sure you’ll need 24 masters?
  • Yes. I am keeping tight control of the widths which is why this is true. So that's 3 for each weight (x2) extreme along a single optical axis=6 plus there are two optical extremes so that is 12 for the roman. And There is Italic so again x2 = 24. Happily four are done!
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,583
    Well, that is less than the 32 masters they would need, if there were masters in every corner (2^3 * 2).

    But still a lot more than if there were just masters in the middle of each side of the design space—that would be only 12 masters (2*3 * 2).
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,583
    edited May 2019
    Oh man, I must have been punchy: of course 2^3 * 2 is still only 16. Basically the corners of two cubes versus their sides.

    And of course, Eben’s post got in just ahead of mine while I was writing. Sigh.
  • It looks like I have enough people to get this going now. Thanks very much!

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