Announcing Volto : open source .vtp to.fea converter

We're pleased to anmounce the release of Volto, an open source project to convert MS VOLT .vtp sources to AFDKO .fea syntax. Volto was developed for us by Khaled Ghetas. See documentation for details and known issues.


  • Hi John,
    I didn't get install Volto.
    I have fonttols installed, python 2.7.16 and 3.7.3 installed and pip installed.
    I have try installing Volto like it's written but nothing really happened.
    I use windows 10 64.
    Any help is welcome.
  • You probably need git, can you try “pip install” instead? (Volto requires Python 3, so pip should be that of Python 3).
  • O Will try It.
    Thank You Khaled.
  • Hi Khaled,
    I tried your way (and many others) but did not work.
    When I type "volto pathmyfont.vtp pathmyfont.fea" I did not receive any error but nothing really happens.
    I have installed volto typing: pip install g:\fonttolls\fonttools-3.40.0\
    Again, no error and nothing happens.
    I have extracted and executed the using python 3. No error.
    I am using python 3.7.3 64bits.
    Please, Do You have any other suggestion?
  • No idea, sorry. pip should print something either an error or a message indicating installation happened, not showing anything at all is rather odd.
  • Hi Khaled, I got it!
    I have uninstaled all versions of python and reinstalled the 3.7.3.
    Thank You again.
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 1,834
    I found I needed to use


    to get the intall to work

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