Commission for a logo based on a Cormorant glyph



  • Rather than no-pictures-just-words, I would say my guideline would be explaining what could be done (through whatever means) rather than doing it for them. It's certainly the case that some ideas are far easier to express using images. But at least when I put up something for critique, I'm looking for advice, not collaboration. Let's point each other towards solutions, rather than furnishing them. My 2¢.
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    [That said, I'm not convinced by the words-not-pictures approach to this kind of discussion. If we were sitting down together, I'd be grabbing a pen and sketching ideas, because it's a visual topic.]
    There is a qualitative difference between sketching and digitized forms.

    If you first ask the person's permission, it's no longer a direct intrusion... but it's also a betrayal of their potential, whether they like it, realize it, or not. Related: the dark side of formal education.

    For example when I do consulting on somebody's design, unless I've been formally tasked with making outlines, I'll never do it. I'll use words, being even wary of showing existing examples of what I'm thinking. Because I don't want to be in control of their creativity. An elaboration:

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    Curve quality, for instance, is pretty much impossible to communicate in words. 
    You point out where the problem is, for them to try to fix it.
    If you do it for them, you're stunting their education and future potential.
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    I like the 1st one. I get that your client wants a clef incorporated into the rapier but 2nd and 3d version look a tad too forced I think. Maybe if you open it up a bit by adding a small offset white stroke in certain areas to make it look like it's wrapped around the rapier which will give it a bit of 3d illusion ? Not the best example but to give you an idea something along these lines.. [example]
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    There is a qualitative difference between sketching and digitized forms.
    And between these and cutting and pasting together bits of the original poster's provided images?
  • I guess that's less bad. But to me still stunting in literalness.

    Making something easier is a two-edged sword.
  • Middle one is wonderful. 
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    Sorry my delay - been on vacation :)

    Yes, you are allowed to sell services related to improving OFL fonts without breaching the "no selling OFL fonts by themselves" requirement, because you are selling improvement services, not the fonts themselves.

    The other requirements, like, keeping everything that contains anything that was made available to you under the OFL (or in this case, what you contracted to only ever distribute under OFL) also have to be complied with.

    I'll be happy to see the new glyph exist in the Cormorant fonts official release, perhaps as a special ligature, or a relevant Unicode character, or, at worst, a Private Use Area unicode character.

    Once the release winds its way to the Google Fonts API, you might need to do something like,output to get access to it on the web. 

  • Hi Dave,
    good to hear from you. You've got mail! :smile: 
    I've released the final version of the clefmore as /dagger.ss15 in the newest commit. The intermediate stages of the design are present in the glyphs files as layers, but not accessible in the exported fonts.
    Not sure what it is that you linked; I'm leaving that sort of thing to web designers...

  • BTW, this is the final version:

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