An Italic for Uccello



  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,772
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    Very nice detail!
    Do you insist on those tiny offset stratopheric dots on Roman /i/? I know they're historical, but personally I find them quite absurd...
  • Thanks a lot !

    I think I will probably slightly change the italic /i dot size togheter with changes in the italic punctuation marks. It would be a little bit bigger than now but not bigger than the roman one which I fixed after a lot of trials.

    I had similar problems with the accents (and also their positioning). And the italic /è accent still remains too slender to my taste.

    However I can never say never, and if I find a better (and why not bigger) solution I will adopt it ;-)
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,772
    edited December 2018
    So the Roman is final? :anguished: I would much prefer something like this:
    I consider the font unusable with the current /i/.
  • Thanks for your point of view. No roman is not final :smile: And perhaps it will be intermediate between mine and yours. But I will certainly keep todays form sa an alternate like I have done for punctuation here :

  • ivan louetteivan louette Posts: 327
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    @Christian Thalmann I tried a new solution for the roman /i dot. Bigger to this latter, or closer to the glyph has a bad impact on the texture and the readability.
    I compared also to some other fonts below.

  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,772
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    Note that all typefaces except for Jenson have a less eccentric dot than yours, with at least half of the dot supported by the stem. The newer faces all have centered dots, which reflects present-day sensibilities. The eccentric dot was a bad strategy to avoid collision with /f/ — now that we have stylistic alternates and ligatures at our disposal, there's really no reason to keep perpetuating this malpractice.
    Have you tried a centered dot for Uccello?
  • Look not only at vertical alignment (i.e. Christian’s “half the dot supported by the stem”) but also at the trajectory of the right side of the stem establishing a limit for the tittle’s drift. 
  • BTW, the text sample you posted is still from the old version, right?
  • Despite Griffo isn't my preferred designer between him and Jenson it seems its practice is "half the dot supported by the stem" (see below). And I will try that. However he already uses ligatures for /fi and /longs i. Thus I am not sure the eccentric dot is a strategy to avoid collision. I think it could be one of the tricks to break the monotony of the font verticality and to introduce some dynamics. That's what I like personnally in this dots positioning.

  • @Christian Thalmann Ooops ! You are right, that was the old one :smile: I changed it.
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