Desperately seeking digital librarians

I've got a lecture coming up and for prep I would like to send a surveymonkey questionnaire to as many buy side font licensing managers as possible.  It will be quick - I just want to know what they look for when they encounter a new EULA.  I'm hoping for direct introductions so my email will not go into spam.  

I'll share the results of the survey here when I compile them.

Please pm me if you know someone and can introduce us.  Thanks!


  • Passed the names across. Look forward to the survey results!
  • JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 451
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    James Montalbano @Chris Lozos @Dave Crossland @Thomas Phinney and @Karl Stange  - based on an earlier thread I think you might have some names for me.  Some of you might even be a good person to participate in the survey.  If so please let me know if you're able.
  • I was trying to be cute with the subject of this thread but I may have sounded like I'm asking for something more specific than I intended.  My hope is to survey people who are responsible on the buy side for software license compliance.  People with a focus in fonts are prefered but someone whose scope is broader would be welcome so long as they have some responsibility for font licensing.  

    Job titles for people in this role can be all over the map.  I've definitely met "digital librarians" but there are also "it managers","fonts specialists", "digital asset managers" and so on.  They can also be in any number of departments (it, design, legal, and even purchasing).
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