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Hey friends,

I sadly don't utilize this wonderful website enough – it's been a while since my last post. I'm now a year out of the Extended Type @ Cooper program and am nearing the finish line on my first family release.

Since it's my first release I have no clue how to prep for a release. What are some general things I should be doing? (things such as setting up my blue zones in Robofont, etc...even something like prepping the font to be utilized on the web)

Anything and everything will help as I have never done this before! Thanks so much for your time.


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  • Scott BiersackScott Biersack Posts: 76
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    @JamesMontalbano – we briefly touched on blue zones / testing / etc for a couple classes but sadly not extensively enough.
  • @James Puckett Thanks for the guidance and suggestions! If there are errors in font names or if the font doesn't show up in the dropdown do you go about solving that issue? I've noticed in Microsoft Word my family doesn't appear in the menu...but then again I am using Word from 2010.

    Are there other technical things I should be doing other than the testing of course? Perhaps things to reduce file size, etc?

    Thanks again for the help!
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    Regarding fonts in Windows/Word menus, you need to read the naming and font linking tutorials relevant to the software you use. Then review how you named your fonts. You can always post a screenshot of your configuration panel here or on the Robofont forum. DTL Openmaster is a great tool for naming issues. Don’t try to link all the fonts in a typeface—just regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. 

    As for reducing file size, only do that if you want to sell and support fonts tuned for web use. Which is not a good idea for your first release.
  • @James Puckett

    All great things to know and be aware of – thanks a bunch! I'll get back to testing and will read over the Robofont forum. 
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