Typographics 2016 Live Stream

Hello All,

Hope is well ... The nice folks at Typographics have made the event lived streamed and can be viewed here.

You can go back and catch up on any missed.

Schedule can be found here (remember your time zone vs NY time zone) 

I will update a link for SAT JUNE 18 in the comment section below this discussion


  • Typographics 2016 Day 2 Live Stream

  • Will these presentations be available for viewing after the event?
  • Hello Michael, 

    Nice to hear from you, not sure, just thought it would be nice to share the live stream.

    You can go back on the current live stream until the the actual conference finishes the stream is over.

    In the past videos have been made available on vimeo. 

    I will message [email protected] to see what the outcome is.
  • Aaron BellAaron Bell Posts: 75
    My understanding is that they will edit and post the videos online soon. Last year I seem to recall it only being a week or so, but could be longer. 
  • I was in attendance. I was also a sponsor (Pixel Level) the conference was ok. in the lowercase sense of the comment. Too many portfolio d&p shows for my tastes. A few thought provoking presentations but not that many. As with all conferences, it was the conversations in the hallway that were the most interesting. Thank you Georg for showing me all of those lovely Glyphs details. That and I only had to take the subway to attend.

  • Another fabulous aspect of the conference was the opportunity to put together the names with the faces of so many of those on this blog who seem to hate/dislike me.
    As the MasterCard ad states... Priceless.

    btw I thought your presentations were lacking.

  • Luke FreemanLuke Freeman Posts: 59
    edited June 2016
    btw I thought your presentations were lacking.

    I was only watching the live stream, I don't work for [email protected] … Thought it would be to nice to share among the boards. 

    Sorry for your experience 
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