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Dear all,

I’m developing a font that is showing an issue with some accented glyphs in Adobe Illustrator and on TextEdit: when I need for example the glyph ã I write option + ~ + a, but Illustrator and TextEdit automatically changes the tilde for Myriad’s tilde.

The result is Myriad’s ã

Strangely the issue does not happen in InDesign. I assume it is not a unicode problem once the unicodes are correct in the font. I know I can “solve” the problem in Illustrator by un-checking “Enable Missing Glyph Protection”  in Preferences > Type, but thats not a good solution.

Anybody knows how to solve this? Is it something in the font?
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  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
    I write option + ~ + a
    Did you mean to say that you type option-n + a? That’s the typical keyboard sequence on a U.S. keyboard.

    What keyboard layout are you using?

    Adobe InDesign sometimes does some intelligent guessing, which can obscure actual issues in the font encoding.

  • Hi Kent, thanks for your answer. I don't type option-n, I think my keyboard is different (it was purchased in the netherlands not US). In my keyboard there is a button for both tilde and grave.

    I suspect Illustrator is not recognizing the glyph /tilde, and it tries to "save" me by changing to Myriad. But that is strange once /tilde's unicode is correct...
  • Do you have a /tilde glyph with unicode 02DC in your font?
  • Hi @Georg Seifert , thanks for following up. No I do not have a glyph with that unicode.

    The problematic diacritics in my font are tilde, circumflex and grave. The unicodes for those diacritics are: 0303 (tildecomb), 0300 (gravecomb) and 0302 (circumflexcomb)...
  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
    Sorry, I meant keyboard driver. The driver determines which codepoints get put into the text stream.

    Usually when you type an option-accent dead key combination and then the base letter, the resulting codepoint that is input in the text stream is the one for the composed accented letter.

    You mention that you have a tildecomb glyph assigned to u+0303. But do you have a glyph for precomposed atilde mapped to u+00e3?

    I think that a critical diagnostic step here is to figure out what codepoint(s) are being input into your Illustrator text stream when you type the sequence that you’re typing and expecting to see ã. Is it rendering u+00e3 or u+0061 u+0303 or some other codepoint/sequence?

  • what Georg said was correct, problem solved, thanks @Kent Lew  @Georg Seifert
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