Problem in MetricsMachine: I type lc and get sc!

One of my UFO files started to do weird things in MetricMachine. When I type lower case letters, several small caps show up in the preview window. I tried re encoding the font, regenerating the file, etc; but the problem persist. Any idea?
Thanks in advance.



  • Have you contacted Tal directly?
  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
    That is strange, Ramiro. Are you sure that the re-encoding worked?

    If you select 'sc' from the Feature pop-up (not really "features," just suffixes) does anything change? (I would expect not.) And then if you return it to 'No Feature', does that undo it, maybe?

    Really, it seems like some of your .sc glyphs are encoded with lc codepoints.

  • Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 830
    edited February 2016
    Well, I prefer to ask online before bothering him. I looks like that if I try other files, everything works fine. I exported the metrics and kerning info into a backup file and now MM has not problems with the new UFO. Something in this file was corrupted...
  • Ramiro, I would check what unicode value your has. It should have none, but it it has the one for h (0068), that's what the issue is. The sc glyphs have the lc unicodes, so when you type a lowercase letter you get the sc form.
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