Being proactive about selling licenses

Hello, everyone! Over the last 5+ years of being a type designer, I've been very passive about selling larger licenses - all of them to date have come my way via distributors or the random email requesting pricing and information, et cetera. How many of you actively pursue larger license deals and how do you go about it? Thanks in advance for your responses :)


  • Has anyone negotiated a deal that caps the resellers at a small number of licenses? 
  • To whom are you attempting to sell larger licenses? Do you mean approaching corporations and institutions, or getting distributors to work on your behalf to approach users? 
  • @Elizabeth Carey-Smith I'm thinking about approaching corporations/institutions as you've mentioned. Not sure what the best way is to go about it…
  • @Ray Larabie  - WOW! How did you find an agent to do that? I've thought of that before, but finding the right person seems like a needle in a haystack. Thanks so much for sharing that, I'll have to do some research on that approach!
  • My agent found me. I you want to go with an agent, I think you should try to find someone who's connected with your client base. Most of my clients are in the television business.
  • I doubt that calling random corps will do you any good. Think about it: Large redesigns are done by (large) corporate design studios and agencies. Get to know them instead.
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