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This is my first attempt at creating a typeface and want to get feedback on it from "those who know".

This is a 1920s-ish art deco font that was conceptualized and extended from Riesling. I have been attempting for years to find the legal owner of the font family to no avail. So I started a fresh and began modifications and extensions in a new project.

I am considering the possibility add a more readable weight for internet and digital usage, as the initial intent was for poster usage.

I have hesitated for years for fear. One that I will offend someone or raze the owner. The second reason was because of doing something I know to be rather monumental.

Helps if I supply a link.
(Note: the signup is so I can let those who download know of updates to the font.)


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    Riesling is a knockoff of Aphrodite, an original handlettered design by Richard Nebiolo for the former Photo-Lettering, Inc. firm in NYC. I believe House Industries is the current owner of all the rights to their proprietary designs.
  • I don't know about the legal aspect, but from the design point of view, the curve quality leaves much to be improved upon. I recommend getting SpeedPunk or the RMX Tools to learn about good curves (they certainly helped me!).
  • George,

    Thanks for that bit of information. I have been researching this font for years looking for someone that holds the rights to it with no luck. This is the first I have heard of Aphrodite.
  • George ThomasGeorge Thomas Posts: 587
    I have been researching this font for years

    Been there, searched and searched with no luck; finally asked the right question in the right forum and got an answer within 24 hours.  :)

  • Looks like Nick Curtis did a release of the fonts from Richard Nebiolo's Aphrodite. Nick called it Mighty Ditey. I am following up on the House Industries avenue. Again, thanks...
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    I believe I saw a comment where someone thought it was Mighty Ditey but then said there were significant differences. I did not check that font. The Riesling version was available as early as 1994.
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