• " I personally don't like or use programs that can't be installed on the computer"
    Is it for privacy/accessibility reasons?

    Some will prefer privacy.

    Also, some like to work disconnected. There are many times in which one may not have online access. 

  • I have several reasons for why I want my software on my computer:
    1. Indeed, I don't always have access to Internet.
    2. When I do have access to Internet, it's not always a stable connection. I have to admit I don't know what happens to the files I would be working on in the browser when the connection is lost, but it just doesn't seem to be a very stable environment to work in either way.
    3. I just don't like where technology is headed regarding cloud systems and online software. Privacy is a concern, but perhaps the greater concern is that this way I give companies too much control. It's not a concern in regard to Fontark specifically, but it's a big concern of mine in general.
    4. I'm a collector. I never stream videos either. I always like to have everything on my computer.
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    Thanks Jeff and Martin, indeed important issues, but to be evaluated with the advantages of and online service (pay per use, no need to update/upgrade, support & collaboration)
  • Me: Not without a scroll wheel, they aren't... manipulating scroll bars with a mouse is clumsy
    Georg Seifert: "The Mac trackpads are so much better than all the scroll wheels and trackballs combined. Please don't judge them if you only used PC trackpads, because most of those are not working."

    Fair enough. But I still don't see how one can scroll with a pad, or right-click. Maybe you could touch the bottom left/right for left/right click. How do Macs do it, anyway?
  • "I have several reasons for why I want my software on my computer:"

    +1 to all of your reasons, modulo the never streaming.
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    > scroll with a pad

    With two fingers, or certain PC trackpad want one finger scrolling on the side.
  • Michael: Just to give you an idea, here are the configuration options for my Mac's trackpad:

    As I said, I feel crippled when I have to use a mouse. (Unless I'm playing a game — but I've even played Quake with the trackpad before.)

  • Very cool indeed. Advantage Mac!
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