Fraktur as Italic Counterpart in AMS Euler?

Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, but this seems like it could work, albeit more analogous to hiragana/katakana than roman/italic in that the normal form is curved and the emphasis angular. I've begun assigning glyphs to separate r/ri/b/bi fonts, and preliminary results are quite pleasing -- modulo the crazy /y in the Fraktur, of course. I'm tempted to develop kerning, the usual battery of numerals, and so forth. Any thoughts?


  • What do you mean "develop kerning"? Wouldn't the styles still be separate font files?
  • Hello. I mean adding kerning; couldn't think of a better term than "develop," alas. The original fonts completely lack kerning, since their letters were intended to be used as single symbols in formulae rather than in words. And yes, each of the files would have its own kerning.
  • Albert_Jan_Pool Albert_Jan_Pool Posts: 78
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    Interesting experiment, thanks for showing this! Still, I’d rather call that Fraktur a Textura … It rather behaves like a darker roman companion with interrupted construction to the somewhat lighter hybrid / italic AMS Euler. Looking at it that way, Zapf has done everything to provide the necessary contrast between the two. But when you consider AMS Euler to be the Roman and try to make the Fraktur to behave like an italic, maybe you could make it a little lighter and slightly narrower? And take a look at more cursive Fraktur styles such as Zapf’s Gilgengart and TEFF Burgundica by Gerrit Noordzij. We would then probably end up with a Textura (as it is right now) and a Fraktur which serves as a contrasting typeface both to the ‘Roman’ and the Textura in AMS Euler …
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