Gothic lowercase Cyrillic /te

I know that latin /m is the standard, but since Cyrillic gothic is somewhat of a bastard anyway, would it be fine to use more readable /te?
Nr.3 and 4 are more experimental imitations of uppercase letters.



  • No 2 is preferred.
    #1 is readable, but falls out of context, the whitespace in /т creates an unwanted gap.

    Take a look at Blonde Fraktur for reference.
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,627
    edited October 2014
    Very pretty overall!

    Can't really judge the legibility, but (2) certainly fits the texture best.

    I like your solution for the crossbar of /н! The tail of /у is perhaps a bit too heavy. I usually also don't like stroke-endings that go against pen logic in blackletters too much, but here they don't bother me much (e.g. in /н, /к). Have you tried slanting those the other way to see if it works even better?
  • What about /ve?

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